Woman with a willingness to sacrifice

A Willingness to Sacrifice

I recently signed up to be a camp counselor for Royal Family Kids Camp.  This camp is all about creating amazing memories for children who are in the foster care system.  Some of the kids don’t even know when their birthdays are and most haven’t had big celebratory parties.  At the camp, they each get their own cakes and presents.  I cannot wait to experience this amazing act of love and celebration for these kids.

For all the fun, there will also be a great sacrifice.  It’s a week out of my schedule and more importantly away from my family.  I likely won’t get much sleep and my comfort level is going to be challenged.

For years, I’ve wanted to do this but never enough to step out in act of faith and a willingness to sacrifice.

If you grew up in church you heard the story about how Jesus fed the 5,000. Jesus fed more than 5,000 people with only a 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish.  That’s not much food.

So here’s the part you may have missed.  I always focused on the food part (I guess that’s the Texas girl in me focusing on the food).  Back to the part you may have missed like I did.  The reason Jesus had the food to provide a miracle is because a little boy offered what he had.

Most of us would have seen the need and not offered what we had…thinking, what’s the point. The young child had the courage to offer what he had.  I imagine him going up to Jesus, tugging on Jesus’s clothes and showing him the food he had.  Maybe he was proud to show his offering.  Maybe he was hungry and his conscious prompted him to do the “right thing.” I don’t know.  What I do know, is that he gave the little he had.

When we give the little that we have, whether it be our time, talent, or treasure God makes the miraculous happen.

I want a willingness to sacrifice, knowing Kingdom economics defies human economics:


A few fish and loaves are turned into thousands being fed with left overs (Matthew 14). 

Water basins turned in to wine at a wedding celebration (John 2).

A little bit of oil becomes the livelihood for a widow woman (2 Kings 4).


If we give the little that we have, He is able to bless the rest. I wonder what kind of miracles are on the brink of happening, waiting for us to give.  Giving is difficult because it goes against our very nature. I know I tend to either have a scarcity mentality, hold on to the “little” I own.  Or, I minimize what I have, thinking what I have isn’t good enough and wouldn’t really make a difference.

Everyday, you and I are given opportunities to sacrifice with our time, talent, and our treasure.

Sacrificing isn’t easy because we can never be sure of the pay off.  If you are in business, then you know the initials ROI.  Return on Investment.  Rest assured, as you sacrifice there will be a ROI – maybe not immediately or even as you expected.  But if you sacrifice wisely and intentionally, a return will happen.

Blessings to you,



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