Body Image

Battling the War Within

Melissa C Clark counselor with family

Its that time of year again - the holiday season.  This year, I’m determined to stay ahead of my to-do list in an effort to actually relax during the yuletide fun….this is possible, right? A part

Body Image…Part 3

Body image

Warning: Images are not truly how they appear: My kids have been having way too much fun with my new laptop.  You know it can do all kinds of important work…games, games, Photo Booth, and more

Body Image…Part 2

Flip the cover of any fashion magazine, watch TV or even walk down the street and your mind will be infiltrated with hundreds if not thousands of messages about appearance.  We are constantly

Body Image…Part 1

As a young child, I remember distinctly the moment I felt fat for the first time.  It was summertime and tight shorts were involved.  Who know if this was really the first time, but my memory of