Its funny how some memories become etched in your brain.  Crystal clear renderings of an event.  Its almost like time slows down allowing you to capture the smallest of details.  While I may lose my car keys or cell phone on a regular basis,  certain memories feel so clear and visible as if it just happened yesterday.

When I was a sophomore in college, studying psychology I sat in my advisors office seeking guidance and well, advice.  What I received was far from advice.  She sat down and peered over my grades informing me that I would never make it to grad school.  And, I would certainly never have what it takes to become a counselor.  Her words stung and pierced my heart.

I felt disqualified.  Less than.  Incapable.

What I didn’t fully know then, but I wholeheartedly believe now is this simple truth….your history is not your destiny.

Her words were apart of my history but they are not my destiny.  In fact,  my history has proven her words to be 100% false.

You are so much more than the words spoken over you and the circumstances you have done or had done to you.  The Creator shaped you and formed you.   Jeremiah 1:5 says, “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart.”

You are more than your history.

Your world may be wrecked and your dreams shattered. Your history may tell you can’t make it, that you can’t succeed.  This is wrong.

Your history cannot disqualify you from your calling.  Why? Your calling is a part of your identity.  You cannot recreate what the Creator already created.

Dr. Gloom and Doom didn’t order my steps, she didn’t embed gifts and talents within my DNA and personality, she didn’t make me.  Therefore, she doesn’t have the ability to disqualify me from running my race.

Who are you letting disqualify you?

Your past mistakes.?

Something someone said?

An opportunity that passed you by?

Born into the “wrong” family?

Whatever you think disqualifies you.  It doesn’t.  Your history does not define you.  Your Creator does.

Your beliefs have the power to propel you forward or leave you paralyzed watching life pass you by.
Today, run your race.  Run with faith knowing there is something so special and unique about you.  Run knowing you matter and you have purpose.

Press on friends,


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