Hunting Hope

Hunting Hope…I am a Hope Hunter

Hunting Hope

Everyday you and I are given a choice…a choice of what we will focus on, a choice of what we will pursue, the result of this pursuit will determine the trajectory of our life.

Hope is worth the pursuit…worth the hunt.

I recently read Hunting Hope by Nika Maples as apart of a blog tour for Worthy Press.

First off, this book is so beautifully written.  Nika (I feel like we are friends because of her writing style) isn’t flippantly throwing around words like hunting and hope.  She is a survivor of lupus and a massive brainstem stroke that left her quadriplegic at age twenty.  This brave warrior learned to walk and talk again. Walk and talk.  She knows the necessity of finding and pursuing hope.

Scripture tells us that without hope, our heart is sick. We’ve watered down the word.  Hope has been replaced to mean uncertainty.  I hope it doesn’t rain…I hope I get that job.  Hope is so much more than this.  Hope is a comfort, it’s a knowledge and certainty that God is in control offering rest and assurance in this topsy-turvy life.

I don’t know about you, but I have faced numerous challenging experiences leaving me dejected, depressed, and despondent.  If you are in the middle of one of these seasons…read this book.  If you are enjoying a time of spring and summer…still read the book.  Seasons change, what you do know will prepare you for future seasons to come…like the cold, quiet, often harsh times of winter. 

Hunting Hope

Hunting Hope contains solid, well-laid-out biblical truths.  Theology books are often hard to read and well…boring.   Nika puts deep theological truths in a simple, easy-to-digest way.  The result is a fresh perspective leading to  revelation.  Personally, this revelation led to transformation and a newfound, genuine pursuit of hope.

I found myself grappling with the difference of hope and faith. 

I found myself confronted with my own complacency regarding hunting hope. 

I found myself reassured of God’s nature.  Nika uses personal stories illustrating God’s goodness and faithfulness assuring her readers that He speaks, He never leaves, He hears us, and He has gone before us. She has walked the preverbal walk, as a result she brilliantly, gently, and thoughtfully talks the talk.

We are bombarded countless negative messages every. single. day.  This isn’t news to you.

Hunting Hope is a valuable resource to grow your faith journey.  I know it has mine. 

*I wasn’t paid for this post – but I did receive a copy of this book.  To purchase your own copy, click on the following link. 

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