Is Valentine’s Day just a silly, commercial holiday?

My Valentine: 18 years ago started my Valentine’s journey.  Prior to this, February 14 was spent alone and always hoping for a date or a rose or something resembling love.

Justin and I’s first V-day did not disappoint.  He went down the Valentine’s Day aisle and put it all in his brown grocery bag (literally):  2 cards, 2 stuffed animals, one Titanic Soundtrack CD, one romantic comedy VHS (it was 18 years ago), and the piece de resistance – a diamond neckless. Look at us here, could we be any happier?  My braces.  Our goofy – new love grins.  Priceless.

First Valentines day with Justin

My temptation almost 2 decades later is to completely ignore the day, it can seem silly, commercial, and trivial now.  But it isn’t. Valentine’s day is a day for new love to bloom.  A day to wow. A day to recapture lost romance.  A day to make someone feel special.

Romance is a lost art.  Isn’t it? In our Bachelor, reality-tv-guzzling-society, romance now seems unachievable.  Elaborate dates in far off destination are impossible for most.

Some of the most romantic things Justin has ever done for me would never be seen on the big screen.  For example, the time I was afraid the dog had eaten my wedding ring and he well…made sure he hadn’t.  How he loves me and the kids every day, making us feel special.  This is romance.   This is love.

Our love has matured beyond needing the typical trappings of Valentine’s day.  But, our love will never escape the need for romance, real non-Hollywood romance.  TV, magazines, and the like make poor role models and mentors for relationships. 

The greatest act of love is sacrifice.  Putting yourself second.  Being honest here – this is hard for me.  Justin makes it a little easier because of his example. 

Happy Valentine’s Day friends. I hope you spend the day with ones you love.




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  • Barb Meinhardt

    Love is message! Love your transparency! Such a sweet picture of you and Justin! I find it interesting to see how God draws us to our mate.

    February 15, 2016 at 12:25 pm

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