Learning to connect with God

Learning to connect with God

As I sit with clients and reflect on my own story, I’ve come to realize that most of us don’t know who we are. And when we don’t know who we are, we become vulnerable to toxic relationships and destructive behaviors.

Mistakenly, we base our worth on our performance, our perfection, our appearance, and what other people think of us. When we do this, our sense of self-worth is continually in flux. Like a child on a teeter-totter, we’re up one minute and down the next. I’m guessing you have struggled with your self-confidence at some point in your life. We all do. At a core level, we all want to feel and know we are worthy. But the only way you will know you are worthy is if you believe you are worthy. Self-worth comes from knowing where— and who— your worth comes from.

If you’ve been a Christian for any length of time, then you’ve certainly heard “your worth comes from Christ.” And yes, this is true. We know this. We read about it. We can say it to others. But why then do we struggle to believe it for ourselves? Why do those doubts always surface, raising questions about whether or not we’re truly worthy? These doubts can be caused by all sorts of situations and circumstances: when you are single and you wonder why you haven’t found “your person.” When you’re dealing with a demanding, demeaning boss. When you are triggered by the voices in your head, voices that tell you that you aren’t worthy, you aren’t good enough, that you don’t really matter.

When we’re faced with adversity, struggles, or uncertainty, it’s normal for us to begin doubting ourselves. We wonder, Am I good enough? Why do I continue to struggle with _____? Will I ever get better?

I’ve grappled with doubts and insecurities. Which leads me to wonder: if I know truth, then why am I continually struggling with anxiety about my abilities or the feeling of not being good enough? Why am I constantly comparing myself to others (IRL and online)? As a counselor, I often sit with individuals who ask me, “How do I change my beliefs about myself?”

Maybe this is your struggle too. Maybe you also wrestle with believing truth about your identity. Perhaps you know all the right Bible verses, but you still struggle with negative thoughts and toxic behaviors, which only leave you feeling more shame, insecurity, and inadequacy. If you do, then I invite you to check out my eBook, The Secret to Confidence: Ditch your Insecurities and Discover your Real Self. I’ve read tons of books about identity, but at the end of the day, I don’t always feel like I have practical, tangible things to do that actually change my beliefs. I’m a hands-on person; I need things to practice and guidance on the change process. Most of the amazing individuals I meet for counseling feel the same way.

This is why I created this eBook. I’ve included helpful information, but more than that, I’ve created opportunities for you to connect with the God who, as our Creator, knows us better than anyone. Until you experience Him, you won’t truly be able to undergo a lasting change process. In my eBook, I walk you through ways to connect with God. And wherever you are on your spiritual journey, God wants to connect with you. When you see yourself how God sees you, when you experience this connection for yourself, you no longer have to try to persuade yourself to believe. You just know it. Like you know the sky is blue, like coffee is the best drink in the world. You just know it.

Take a look. Download the guide. Even better, print it out. Take time to go through it.

And if you do this, will you please email me and tell me how the book has impacted you? Would you also be willing to pass this along to a friend or share on social media (if you do, be sure to tag me!)? I would appreciate it.

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