Vision Casting – The Book

Vision Casting is my story, my guide, and my challenge for today’s young Christian women to discover what they seem to lack: clear purpose and direction that only comes from having a God-inspired vision cast into their lives. Through personal experience, biblical principles, and current scientific trends, Vision Casting will help confused, frustrated, and hurting Millennials discover their God-given gifts and how to use them to pursue a passionate life and gain clarity on their reasons for being.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor for the past ten years with a focus on anxiety, personal growth, and self-esteem issues, I’ve personally witnessed the intense and oftentimes lonely struggles of today’s adolescents and young adults.

I’ve also been that adolescent. Even though my father was a marriage counselor and pastor, I still sought out destructive ways to fill the perceived voids in my life. An eating disorder, cutting, alcohol abuse, and a poor body image blocked the discovery of my true self in God.

That’s one of the reasons why I want to write this book so badly. It’s the book I wish I could have handed to my own “lost” self two decades ago.


Readers of Vision Casting will:

  • Discover and generate a vision of how their lives could be better.
  • Be inspired to see themselves differently.
  • Learn how to turn what’s been fighting against them into what fights for them.
  • Have practical steps to take in order to find and apply their unique visions to their lives.
  • Be awakened to how the ancient wisdom of the Bible undergirds today’s understanding of how the mind works.