About Me



For the past 16 years, I’ve had the privilege of being married to someone who brings out the best in me and isn’t afraid of my worst. Justin is my encouragement, my joy, my love.

We share in the joy of raising two amazing human beings, Ethan (10) and Averie (7). We try not to take ourselves too seriously.  This helps us to enjoy each other and our lives so much more.  We strive to create a culture of honor, peace and gratitude in our home.  It certainly isn’t perfect but we do love each other a lot.

I grew up in an amazing Christian home. My parents offered unconditional love and instilled in me the confidence to believe in myself. I often meet people who are surprised by “how far” along I am in life. My upbringing and God’s grace is what has allowed me to get to where I am so quickly. It is my passion to help others to the same. My identity is to help others find their identity.

My focus and passion are largely the areas of growth and healing I have experienced in my life.   These areas include eating, exercise, body image, and battling my thoughts.  Creating a vision for my life has been instrumental in my growth.  Having vision for my life allows me to live with greater purpose and passion in every area of my life: marriage, parenting, and career.  Vision Casting is moving from an ideology to what I hope will be my first published book.

In no way am I saying that I am perfect or have it all together…this is far from the truth. But, my desire is to be a light and a giver of hope. We all need an example, you won’t find the perfect example here. But what you will find, is a woman seeking to be God’s best and stumbling along the way (and sometimes just plain tripping). Welcome, I am so glad you are here!


Photo Cred: Cake Photography